We are all moved out of Provo. We are not yet to Chicago because we can't move in until next week. So for now we are homeless. 

We spent a few days in Cedar City with T's parents. Played with puppies. (Can you tell how much I want a dog?? Getting one this summer!!)

Then we made our way to the coast to spend some family time in San Diego. These are our toes enjoying the sun at La Costa Resort. It's absolutely gorgeous here. I forget how much I miss California until I come back. I miss Danville and it's rolling hills. But for now, southern California will have to do :)

Being homeless here is pretty great.


laurel said...

Sign me up to be homeless with you!

adriggs said...

Rachel we miss you already. I hope this is a wonderful adventure. Love you Aunt Andrea PS Olive and Lucy miss you!!