that's what's up.

Last week T and I attended our cousin Madison's wedding. Todd's parents and sisters came into town and we all spent the entire day together. It was fun to see so much of the Utterback side of our family. 

Over the weekend, we decided to hike Stewart Falls up Sundance Canyon. It was a little brisk outside, but perfect weather for hiking. It was gorgeous and I always forget just how beautiful Utah is. 

Since we had to buy a 3 day pass for the canyon that Stewart Falls is located in, we decided to get our money's worth (6$) and go camping the next night! We roasted some mallows, talked around the fire, and watched a movie in our tent. We had such an outdoorsie weekend! 

So that's what's been up. 


miss britney said...

i love you guys!

Megan & Matt said...

You guys are adorable! Looks like so much fun!