clinton kelly.

What Not To Wear's Clinton Kelly was in da house a couple weekends ago. When I found out that he was coming to Macy's at the new City Creek mall in SLC, I jumped on the RSVP. I added a "plus one" for my girl Tori because she is kind of obsessed with him just like me.

It took us probably an hour or three to decide what to wear because Clinton's eyes were going to be on us and our outfits! We had to be dressed perfectly. We arrived early to get the best seats and we sat front and center for his fashion show and question and answer. He is hilarious and really knows his stuff.

He walked out onto the stage and after all the applause died down, he turned toward Tori and I, looked down at Tori's pants and said, "I love your green denim!" We almost died. That's the first thing he said! It was amazing to say the least and Tori hasn't taken her green pants off since ;)


Jeffrey & Dara said...

I'm so jealous!! I wish I would have known he was there I would have been there in a heartbeat. He's so smart with fashion! If only Stacy were there with him, I would have died.

miss aubrey said...

He looks so fabulous in that picture!!! I wish I could have heard all of his amazing tips!

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Kellee Marie Cook said...

I heart clinton.