We grilled up some steak on Monday for dinner. T loves his charcoal grill so I purchased some flank steak at the store so he could feel manly and get his grillin' on. While he was outside, I was inside buttering up bread and stirring up some tomatoes and fresh basil for bruschetta. It was seriously to die for. I brought a piece out for Todd to try and he immediately asked how many pieces we had left.

I used The Pioneer Woman's recipe. I didn't have cherry tomatoes, so I jused used regular red tomatoes. Seriously, make this. It was super easy and SO GOOD. Perfect for this summer weather we have been having. Find the recipe right here.

Also- who else is in love with this grill commercial? This is what I invision/expect/hope for when grilling happens in my family. Impromtu dance parties are always a good idea.

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