my mom's weekend.

Friday was my momma's birthday. She turned 32! (hehe...) We celebrated with dinner and a movie with the whole fam. The next morning we went golfing at the country club in Ogden. It was a beeeeeautiful morning and I did a great job driving the golf cart and drinking diet coke. Everyone else did a great job at golfing!

I loved seeing everyone's picture dedications to their mothers on instagram on Sunday. I thought it was so sweet to know how much love is out there for moms. I love that we have a whole day dedicated to moms and all that they do. I cannot wait to be a mother someday and try to be half as good as my momma is to me. Mother's are the best. And my mom is the best for me.

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Collin and Traci said...

you are so gorgeous, rach! you will make an incredible mother, and you&todd will make beautiful babies. :)