the haps.

Some happenings lately:

  • making lists of what to pack for chicago and not actually packing. 
  • made this awesome easy chicken last night for dinner. it really is "melt in your mouth". 
  • counting down the days until my oldest sister and her little babe come visit me! bring on the laughs and chocolate chip cookies. 
  • went to the zoo with the boys I nanny for my last day with them. gonna miss those crazy little guys and our fun times. 
  • had dinner at city creek with lauren and lauren that I went to china with. chatted over dinner for three hours and it was still too short. we missed our kimbo. 
  • recently started watching all seasons of "the hills" with T. we stay up way too late hooked on all the drama. 
  • currently reading "my life in france" written by julia child and her nephew. loving the paris and food descriptions. 
  • trying to mentally prepare myself for the hot and humid weather of chicago. am i ready for my skin to melt off when i walk outside? we'll find out. 

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Michelle and Aaron Darais said...

Skirts skirts and more skirts! And shirts that do not require an under shirt! Those are my summer heat staples! Good luck!