little kiddos.

If you didn't already know, I am a nanny for two crazy sweet loud fun crazy boys. It's actually the best job ever and I am super grateful to have it. Sometimes these boys surprise me with things they say or things they do. Sometimes it drives me bonkers and sometimes it just makes me laugh out loud. And they look at me like, "What? That's not normal?" Example:

It was such a beautiful day on Tuesday that we decided to eat our lunch at the park. I asked them what kind of sandwiches they would like (pb+j, honey and peanut butter, etc). Shawn looks at me with all seriousness and says, "ranch and mustard, please." Excuse me, what?? He promised me that he eats it all the time and would finish his whole sandwich. So I made it for him. He was right, he ate every last bit of that weird combination of a sandwich. Go him.

Love those little guys.


Ben & Cassie said...

That is too funny, my brother used to put mustard on his ice cream when we were little, woof!

miss aubrey said...

I love mustard but that is one intense sandwich! Kids are the best. I bet they LOVE their nanny!