just a few questions.

My beautiful and stylish friend Aubry tagged me in a blog post to answer 11 questions about myself. So why not? 

1. Blogging. Why?

I started blogging my freshman year of college so that my sisters and my parents could follow my crazy college life and know what was going on. Here I am, 5 years later, blogging still. I think I keep up blogging because it's a way to creatively express myself and I kinda love social media. So that's that. My very first blog post - click here to read. 

2. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I wish I wasn't so critical of my own cooking. I never think it tastes as good as it should. And Todd thinks I am crazy. And then I never enjoy my meals because I am always thinking what I could have done better. 

3. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Is this even a question?? Chocolate. Chocolate Chocolate. But I do love a good swirl cone with chocolate and vanilla. 

4. Your favorite movie genre?

I like every genre. It's kind of weird. A good scary movie, chick flicks, oldies, action (fast and furious anyone?), drama, etc. 

5. What/who inspires you? 

My mother. I could go on about this lady. Did you know she has passed the bar exam in three different states? One of them being last summer while she was also planning my wedding? She is insanely smart. She is also the best gift giver- I aspire to be like that one day. She always knows just exactly what people would like without them even telling her. And she loves Disneyland- she rode "Soarin Over California" three times in a row by herself- if that's not inspirational, I don't know what is. 

6. The greatest lesson you have learned in the last year?

Well, I just got married last August. So I think I learn something new everyday about being married and loving and communicating with my best friend. Being married is seriously the best. Love him.

7. Gun to your head. You have to pick just one favorite movie. What would it be?

No thinking for this one. Father of the Bride. "I don't think you want the word 'Pit' on a wedding invitation George." It is the best movie ever made- they just don't make movies like that anymore. 

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I will be 29- that is so crazy and kind of exciting. I hope to have one or two kids by then. Living somewhere fun with my husband and my little family. Chicago? Arizona? California? China? Who knows! 

9. Dream travel spot?

This is a hard one. I love going to beachy places- Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico. But then I love crazy foreign places too- China, Japan, France, Italy, Greece. And then I love the east coast and all the historical states with deep US history spots- Virginia, DC, New York, Massachusetts. So I'd have to say- all of them!

10. Random fact about yourself? 

Ever since I was little, I have loved the combination of apple sauce and bread. I know it sounds gross, but it is so good. I love to dip my bread in applesauce and eat it. Deliiiiicious.  

11. Favorite way to relax?

Getting into come comfy clothes, having a caffeinated drink (DC or DDP) by my side, getting under a blanket, and watching Friends DVD's with no limit on how many episodes I can watch. Or just taking a nap midday. Midday naps are the best. 

If you made it all the way through this, thanks for taking the time to read! :)


miss aubrey said...

wait... I'm obsessed with your answers!! I feel like I got to know you even better and all of your pictures make me smile. First of all, your mom passed the bar in three states??! Oh my gosh she is MY new hero. Also Father of the Bride is incredible. Every time I buy hot dogs and buns I think of that movie and laugh to myself! Last of all I can't imagine your cooking not being good because even your pictures of food you've cooked look amazing and make me drool. And that's my crazy long response!

Sophia said...

Love it.

Jenna and Jeff said...

You are so sweet!!!! Love you!

Bree said...

And this is why I love you! :)