hey batta batta, sawing batta.

It is that time of the year again. BASEBALL season! Now, normally I wouldn't be this excited about a sports season. But now that I am married to a sports fanatic, I love baseball. I love baseball because it's the one sport I can actually understand and enjoy watching. Especially when ESPN is on our television 24/7. So I take what I can get. 

And this means that Todd's softball team, The Crazy Pitches, are at it again! I so look forward to these games every week. I love sitting in the bleachers with the all of the other wives and talking so much that we forget to watch the actual game. Seriously the best. 

T and I are really going to miss the Crazy Pitches and the Crazy Pitchin' Wives. 

{photo of us gals from last year}

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