a huntsville christmas.

Christmas in Huntsville. Always such a great time, even with no snow outside. We spent five great days at my parent's house for the Christmas holiday. We did lots of Dance Central for Kinect. We ate delicious wheat pancakes for breakfast. The snowboarders of the family (Price and Bart) joined the skiers of the family for a day at Snowbasin. We saw Sherlock Holmes and loved it- I kind of want to be a Gypsy. We all played many hours of Temple Run on our iPhones. We opened a ton of presents and got lots of great stuff. I made my first batch of Risotto. We spent Christmas Eve at Grandma Holt's. We went on rides in Dad's Sunbeam Tiger on a sunny day. And we missed the Walkers over in NYC. Such a great Christmas. Thanks Mom and Dad!! 

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