that's life.

Todd surprised me with a little quick trip to Disneyland after finals were all over. I was SO excited. My best friend and I running around Disney for a whole day?? What could be better? Our friends, the Porters, decided to come along with us and join in on the fun!

The morning that we woke up early to start driving to California, I felt a tiny bit nauseous. But I pushed through it because nothing was stopping me from getting to the coast. The entire road trip there I was verrrry nauseous and sick. That night in our hotel room, I got a pretty high fever. Todd, Curtis, and Torri all went to dinner and brought me back some meds, sprite, and saltine crackers.

I tried to sleep it off. I woke up the next morning and told myself that I wasn't going to be sick and I was going to get to Disneyland and enjoy myself. By 11:30am, we had rode four rides and I was exhausted. I could feel my fever creeping up on me. My sweet husband took me back to the hotel and I slept until 7:00pm. Todd was so sweet to stay with me the entire time.

At least Torri and Curtis were able to stay at the park and have a great day! We met them later on for some dinner. I could hardly finish a kid's pizza. That's when you know you're really sick.

I realized that sometimes plans don't work out. Life is funny like that. Who knows why I had to get sick for the two days I was meant to be at Disneyland, but I was. I am just grateful that I am completely better now and I can enjoy the Christmas weekend with my family.

Thanks Todd, Curtis, and Torri for being the best travel partners with a sick girl.

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