this guy.

This guy is 26 today. 

This guy is my favorite. 
This guy makes me laugh more than anyone and anything.
This guy always knows the sweetest things to say. 
This guy comforts me when I wake up in the night because of spider nightmares. 
This guy knows me all too well. 
This guy makes yummy breakfasts. 
This guy HAS to have cereal for breakfast and turkey sandwiches for lunch. 
This guy has the best family. 
This guy is so attractive. 
This guy cleans the house for me after a long day of work. 
This guy loves sports almost as much as me. Go Rangers!
This guy has the best testimony of our church. 
This guy can fix anything that is broken. 
This guy enjoys a good chick flick:)
This guy is MY guy. 

We are off to Sundance Resort to celebrate and stay the night. Let the Birthday Weekend begin!


Michelle and Aaron Darais said...

This is so adorable! Have a blast at sundance, and eat some cookies for me:)

Kim Blatter said...

So so cute. Happy bday Todd!

Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...

Have so much fun!! Happy birthday Todd!!!

Abbey Zmoos said...

so cute. so fun. so jealous of Sundance! Happy Birthday TODD and have a great weekend.