a sundance birthday.

Todd had a pretty good birthday, if I do say so myself. We decided to stay the night at Sundance Resort and have a little close-to-home getaway. Even though we were only 20 minutes from our apartment, it seemed like we were much farther. I still have a few connections up there (I was a Deli girl once upon a time) so we got some great deals.

To start, our room had a fire place which was so romantical. We also had our own hot tub on our private little porch! It was all so fancy. We loved it.

We had dinner at the Foundry Grill and walked around the resort for a little bit. Such a beautiful time up there right now. Crisp air, orange and yellow trees, and crunchy leaves covering the ground.

We took full advantage of our time up there. Checked in at 3:59pm (check in time is 4:00) and checked out around 11:15am (check out time is 11:00). Our room even came with free breakfast. So yum.

Todd was having so much fun which made me so happy. I love that we get to spend so many more birthdays together.

Mustache Bash party post coming soon!

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jennica said...

we ate at foundry grill once! omg so delish! how fun to go to sundance! happy birthday to your husband!