i mustache you a question.

Todd has been growing a very good mustache for a couple months now. We were trying to figure out a good themed birthday party for him for a while. We didn't want to do a costume party because that is too much like Halloween and Todd didn't want his birthday to be confused with Halloween.

So with a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, I decided to throw him a Mustache Bash! It was so fun doing all the preperation! I made a pom pom garland from yarn! The pom poms took a couple nights of Gossip Girl episodes but I got it done.

We had a little section dedicated to mustache pictures. A non-photo booth, photo booth. Make sense? Haha. I made four different mustache designs and put them on sticks for people to use.

And of course there was lots of yummy food. Veggies and dip, artisan cheese and crackers (Todd's fav), carmel chocolate covered apple slices, pumpkin cookies, raspberry lemonade, and chocolate cake! Delish.

Thanks to family and friends who came and helped Todd have a great party!

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