the haps.

Welp, it's officially in the triple digits over here in the desert! I feel like these past couple months have been on fast forward! It's June 2nd?? Mind blowing. 

We only have a couple more months in this house that we are housesitting! It's so bitter sweet you guys. I don't even want to think about saying goodbye to the dogs that we've been dogsitting while living here. I tear up just thinking about it… So we will pretend it's not happening. Ok, moving on to happier news.

Since we will be moving out of this house, we are looking to buy a house around this area! It's been a fun/stressful/exciting process so far! I feel like it's all we really talk about right now! 

I went to Seattle a couple weeks ago to babysit my cute cousins for the week! I'd never been there and I fell in love with it! Seattle is so green and lush and beautiful! I loved Pike Place Market, and the views of the city, and the gorgeous old homes in the neighborhood my Aunt and Uncle live in. I also got to see one of my high school besties that lives there with her husband! So much fun.

March, April, and May were by far the most beautiful months in AZ. The cacti were turning different colors and everything was in bloom! I loved it. 

Todd's brother's family is moving to Colorado and we will miss them way too much! We will miss our chinese food/game nights and just talking and laughing all night with Jenny and Garett! I will miss those kids sooo much. 

Todd bought this crazy hawaiian tourist looking shirt at Target and I kinda love it. We matched one day driving to the pool! Love that silly husband of mine.

Talk about a picture dump! HAGS.

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Lindsay Riggs said...

I'm ignoring your impending move too. Blah.