"in style".

What makes something in style? Is it because a celebrity wears it once? Is it because it's all over Pinterest? Who determines what is in style? This has always been a mystery to me. Maybe it's all those designers at fashion week in NYC that decide. Who knows really. My whole life, I have tried not to let something "not in style" determine if I am going to wear it or not. 

I remember trying on a pair of jeans at Limited Too (did anyone else LOVE that store when they were little??) in the fourth grade. They had these silly patches sewed on to them and my mom was trying to convince me not to buy them because she didn't think they were in style or that I would wear them after we bought them. I will always remember that day because I loooved those jeans and wanted them because I liked them, not because anyone else did, but because I did. 

In college, I dated a boy once that told me my style was "all over the place". Excuse me? What does that even mean? If I wanted to wear animal print and sequins one day and Vans and boyfriend jeans the next day then I could! 

Today, most of my jeans were in the dirty clothes bin. So I dusted off a pair of jeans that I haven't worn in forever. They are straight leg/flare Seven jeans that I absolutely love. I took a picture and put it on Instagram and asked the world who else misses this style of jean? Don't get me wrong- I am obsessed with skinny jeans. That's all I own practically. But is it really so unstylish to like boot cut jeans too? Who decided these were out of style? A lot of my friends commented that they missed them too! I was glad to see that. 

I love fashion. I love clothes. I always have. And I am going to keep on loving it. ALL of it. My style is  "all over the place" and I like it that way. 

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