la dolce vita!

So, I was in Rome last week for 2 1/2 days! Crazy fast trip but so so SO worth it. Long story short- my parents were in Italy for a couple weeks and my dad had to leave for 3 days for a business meeting and my mom didn't want to be alone. Since I don't have little kiddos yet and I work from home, I was able to jet out there for a couple days to be with her. Two things I love are being with my momma and traveling! Throw in gelato everyday, shopping, and unreal amounts of pasta and pizza and it makes for a pretty great trip. 

We stayed in Hotel Raphael which was literally right next to the Piazza Navona. Perfect location!! We were able to walk everywhere we needed to go. I've been to Rome once before with my family back in high school, so it was nice to be able to just go and take it easy. We weren't rushed to see everything. We just walked the streets and saw all the sites without the stress. We ate at the most fantastic places!! Which were all totally randomly chosen! I am convinced that any restaurant in Rome is good. And what's up with those Coca Cola Lights? They taste so much better than our Diet Coke!!

I took a pretty intense ancient Roman class in college and I loved being able to walk around the Forum and think of all the people that lived and walked those streets. Love that city's history. Those Romans were kinda crazy, but amazing people. 

Before I knew it, I was back on a plane to AZ. It was such a wonderful trip but I was glad to be back in America and to see Todd. Wished he could have been there with me! 

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AAAAMAZINGGGG! Seriously though...