the haps.

Finally settling into a place feels really good. We've been running here and there, on week three of P90X (whaaaa? it's crazy hard), hanging with Todd's sibs, seeing old friends, and sqeezing in some dates in between. 

My SIL's are the best. Jenny is having her third baby (little girl!) in just a couple weeks! Showered her with some love the other day. Isn't she a prego babe?? 

I begged Todd to take me mini golfing at Golfland. We never went while we were dating. Doesn't everyone have a mini golf first date experience?? haha
I was THIS close to winning. Boo.
Oh and don't worry- it was only 108 degrees outside. NBD.

Tony Horton makes me eat healthy. This is about as healthy as it gets for me. Sorry Ton.

We had a little date at the Mesa Temple. This temple is close to our hearts because it was the first temple that I went through with Todd a week before we were married. Learn more about LDS Temples here.

Thankfully we have friends that live here to tell us all the local hot spots to eat. My girl Kate told me about Backyard Tacos. It's to die.

I think it's safe to say we are loving it here ;)

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Samantha Truman said...

You guys are so cute! I miss hanging out with you!! I am glad I get to keep up with you through your blog! That is why I got one... so my family could keep up with what I'm doing and so that I could see my friends:) love hearing about your life! oxox