red, white, and blue.

Can I just say that I love our country? Seriously. America is the best. This is our second 4th of July in Chicago and it was even better than the last one. We started the day off with some patriotic pancakes! I think this will be a new tradition in our family. It was so much fun to make blue and red pancakes!

Then we met up with our friends at the beach near our apartment, Northerly Island. This is my favorite beach in the city. It's a little less known, so it's not as crowded as the other ones. We stayed there all afternoon just talking, picnicing, throwing the football around, and soaking up the much needed sun.

We had a BBQ later on at our place. Hot dogs, watermelon, banana pudding. 

Then we all walked down to the lake to watch the fireworks go off at Navy Pier. I just loved it. Walking through the streets at night and seeing the lights from all the buildings made me so happy. Living in this city is so much fun. Some days are hard but that's what makes me love it and appreciate it even more. 

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