garfield park conservatory.

Now that the weather has warmed up a little here in Chicago (fingers crossed), I want to get out of the house as much as possible! We've been hibernating for long enough.  I have been wanting to drive to the Garfield Park Conservatory in West Chicago since I read about it online. Todd and I drove there last Saturday for a little morning date. It was absolutely beautiful inside and exceeded my expectations! So many wonderful beautiful plants growing inside this monster of a greenhouse. We loved exploring the rooms and seeing all of the different species of plants. We might be nerds for having a blast at the conservatory...but we loved it. Sorry we're not sorry ;)

I ooed and awed over all the wonderful cacti and succulents in the desert room. Might have been my favorite room. 

There was a room that was made to be what Chicago would have looked like millions of years ago. I loved it! So green and lush. Very humid and swampy like. It was so interesting!

Love exploring our city!

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