Ok, so I have already told you that they filmed parts of the upcoming movie 'Divergent' outside our apartment window in this post. I started reading the book that week and have finished both the first (Divergent) and second (Insurgent) books in the trilogy! The third comes doesn't come out until October. Boooooooooo! That is too long to wait! Especially after the cliff hanger that was at the end of the second book!

These books are exciting from the first page! They are set in the future in Chicago. That might be one of the reasons I loved them so much- I could picture everywhere they went in the book! Veronica Roth, the author, really knows how to capture you from the beginning. The story follows a young girl who has to choose what group of people she wants to live with for her future. Secrets are revealed, lies are told, and there is even a little love story. It's just so good. And so tense! My mom just finished the first one and she texted me and said, "Doesn't it make you want to be braver?". Haha I loved that because it totally does!

These books are the perfect summer read! 

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