the haps.

Some happenings around here:

  • Some friends just introduced me to Spotify on my computer and I can't get enough. I've been listening to the Nashville soundtrack and Les Mis extended soundtrack on repeat for days. 
  • It's been sunny and 80 degrees all week. Bring it on Chicago, bring it on. 
  • I helped our friends move down the street from their three story walk up yesterday. So. Many. Stairs. My legs are dead this morning. Surprisingly it was really fun and we ate pizza from Whole Foods after so it was worth it :)
  • Work has been CRAZY the past few days. Sales+good weather=shopping maddness. 
  • On Saturday, I am headed to NYC to help my mom babysit my niece and nephews while my sister and brother-in-law are out of town. So excited to get on those Manhattan streets. 
  • Todd took me to Yogurtland for dessert the other night and I am kind of in love with their new flavor, Mexican Hot Chocolate. It's chocolately sweet and just a little spicy. Yum. 
  • Have you ever tried Mason Jar salads? I make them every night for Todd's lunch the next day. He has been loving it and its a healthy alternative to a sandwich. This is how I layer them: dressing, carrots, cherry tomatoes, spinach, a couple almonds, a couple croutons. 

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Suzy said...

Could I request a photo of the Mason Jar salad please? :) Glad things are going well for you.