I don't really have a reason for this post. But I feel like rambling a little. Is that ok? Ok, thanks. 

Did you guys watch the Oscars last night?? Basically I cried like a baby all over again when the Les Mis cast came out to sing one of their songs. It was like I haven't seen the movie three times in the theater already... I just loooove Marius and Enjolras. Bless Todd's heart for letting me swoon over them in front of him last night. 

Chicago is expecting 3-6 in of snow tomorrow. It was 40 degrees today which seemed like summer. I didn't even have to wear my puffy coat or ear muffs. Tomorrow calls for walking to work in these. His and hers:)

I'd much rather be in Arizona visiting family doing this:

{christmas in az. todd took a sneaky pic of me taking in some sun}

I have mentioned our bomb grocery store before but I will say it again. Mariano's is the best grocery store in the world. If we ever move away from here I will be so sad to never enter Mariano's again. It like a Whole Foods but cheaper and they have generic brand stuff! And their fresh squeezed orange juice is heaven in a bottle. There is even a man playing the piano by the check out lines! We like to call it the Nordstroms of grocery stores. 

{love that he posed for me}

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