holt family time.

Being home is the best. It's always a good time in the Holt house with my sisters. I've been missing Utah so it was perfect to visit for a week. 

It seems like whenever my whole family is in town we drive to Ogden to go bowling. It's a great 'get out of the house' activity and the kids always love it. We even ate some Rio for lunch! Love their enchiladas.

I drove down to Provo one day to get my hair done and see some friends! Love them. And I had to get a Sonic DC...or two...

I loved being able to see all my nieces and nephews. SUCH cuties all of them. Esp that little Deacon. Melts my heart.

I went on a walk with Brisket one night and passed one of my favorite barns in town. Huntsville is an old small town with lots of history. This barn is beautiful isn't it?

Such a great trip!! But it's good to be home in Chicago with T.


Bree Mishler said...

I'm so happy for you that you got to go home! It sounds like it was a perfect trip. And Deacon? He is adorable! Already so grown up!

danielle said...

I love your blog and you're SO PRETTY!