he's 27.

Today is this hunk's birthday! He is finally the age I thought he was when we went out on our first date...he was only 24 then...oops haha. 

I can't imagine what my life would be like without him. It would probably be something like this:

The apartment wouldn't be as clean as it is now. 
I would know nothing about baseball or football (oh wait, I still don't know anything about football...). 
My chocolate chip cookies would never get eaten.
Road trips wouldn't be as fun.
My car would be super messy. 
I'd still be hanging picture frames on thumb tacks (gasp!). 
The bed would never get made. 
There wouldn't be any percussion noises when I randomly burst into song. 
I'd have to carry all the groceries by myself. 
I would be the only one saying, "ooooh cute puppy!!" every time a dog passed. 

Basically, he's my better half and I love him. 

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