24 1/2.

It's my half birthday today! Happy 24 1/2 to meeeee! I am celebrating by eating halloween candy (mini boxes of junior mints always taste so darn good) and painting my nails while Todd watches football all day.

In honor of my half birthday, I thought I would post some of my favorite things that I am loving lately.


this stuff is seriously genius. i just bought it at sephora with my sister in law and we both loooove it. it is a lipstick that brings out the natural color of your own lips and it moisturizes at the same time. genius i tell you!

. Taylor Swift's new album

ahhhhhhmazing. i don't know what else to say. am i currently listening to it right now? yes.

i have loved their "leaves" candle for a couple years now. this creamy pumpkin candle is a close second. my whole apt smells like fall. 

this is my go to color right now. i feel like it matches everything perfectly. 

. Up All Night

this is quickly becoming our new favorite show. first season was good, but i feel like the second season reached a new level. i cannot stop laughing.

just got some of these babies. where have these been all my life?? they are so comfy and cute and i have never liked walking in the rain more than i do now. 

anything of rifle paper co. makes my heart flutter. like this calender i just purchased at paper source. can it be 2013 so i can put this on my wall?

we went here earlier this summer wth some friends after the beach and it was really really good. for some reason, we didn't go back until just a few days ago. ohmygoshiwanttodieitssogood. dramatic, but true. best hamburgers, best fries, best shakes, best atmosphere. 


So there are some of my favorites lately. Hope they are/or become some of your favorites too :)

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Jeffrey & Dara said...

I'm definitely going to have to try that lip gloss. I've been wanting a new color so that was perfect! Also Leaves is soooo good, I have Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin this year and it may have surpassed leaves. B&BW=my favorite!!