la and deacon.

Laurel and her little baby Deacon came to visit me and T this past weekend. We did a lot of eating, shopping, and Deacon did a lot of smiling. That is all the boy does and it is the cutest smile in the entire world. See for yourself.

Laurel did some shopping on the Magnificent Mile here in Chicago. It is shopping heaven and I take any excuse to go there, even if I don't buy anything. She got some cute stuff and branched out on some colored denim! So proud of her :)

Deacon was a dream baby the entire weekend. Barely cried at all and was just so smiley and cute. I couldn't stop holding him. T really liked holding him too. I think Deac really likes his Uncle Todd. 

Thanks for coming out La!! So much fun and we miss you already. 

And did you know that Deacon is a DJ?

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laurel said...

I love everything about this post! Miss you!