augustus gustav.

There were a few tears in our aparment two nights ago. Our first pet, our nocturnal friend, our perfect little chubby hamster, passed away.

Gus Gus was spending the summer with T's parents in Cedar City having a great time. They were amazing caregivers and I know that Gus Gus was so happy being there.

He was the best first pet we could have asked for and we will miss him very very much. I know that he is loving hamster heaven and is eating all the yogurt chips he can stuff into his cheeks.

T's mom and nephews had a funeral for Gus Gus and buried him in the front yard. They also painted this lovely rock for his grave. 

R.I.P Gus Gus. 


Jenna and Jeff said...

So sweet!

laurel said...

Oh that's so sad!

miss aubrey said...

Oh no that's so sad! I love the rock Todd's family painted. What a sweet thing to do.