the haps.

Some happenings lately:

  • Todd surprised me with three lucious red roses. He knows what's up.
  • I find myself listening to NPR and talk radio shows in the car more than music...not really sure when that change happened. 
  • Loving the library morning toddler class/puppet show/story time I take the little boy I babysit to. "Hello everybody and how are you? How are you? How are you?"
  • Realized that Gus Gus gets up at 8am and 8pm on the dot to take sips of water.
  • Already went on two strikes this week to not make dinner. So not like me. Making dinner for Todd and myself is usually my favorite. 
  • The little bro is coming to play tomorrow and have a sleepover at our apartment! We will probably eat too many cookies and have some good laughs. So excited!
  • Chatting with a best friend neighbor at random times throughout the day. Just because we live one door away. 
  • Re-watching seasons of Grey's Anatomy and re-reazling how much I dislike Izzie and George. Ugh.
  • The Usher Pandora station I have on all day. You got it, you got it bad.


laurel said...

I love all of this!

Cara Grenny said...

I'm not quite to NPR yet but I do listen to books on tape.... Are we old ladies? And I hate Izzie! She and George are the worst!!