Gus Gus

Todd and I really want a dog. Like more than anything in the world. But sadly we need to have a house and a yard to have a dog. So for now, we went with the next best thing: A hamster. His name is Gus Gus and he's the cutest little thing I have ever seen. 

Gus Gus's favorite things:

-burrowing in his wood chip bedding
-stuffing yogurt chips into his expandable cheeks
-running in his wheel
-eating sunflower seeds
-running in his ball around our apartment
-running into walls and doors in his ball
-eating lettuce
-climbing his cage walls and staring at us
-hiding in the corner when Todd sneezes

We love our little first pet. 

1 comment:

miss britney said...

looks like i need to sew something for gus gus.