hoy es lunes.

Today is Monday. Another day of classes and another day to start the week. I was so distracted getting ready for school this morning and trying to be on time for my midterm that I didn't eat breakfast. Yikes. Lukily there was an apple in my backpack from last week. I ate every last bit of it after my midterm because I was starrrrving. Note to self: do not forget breakfast, your tummy gets grumpy at you.

I am wearing my winter fedora. It's kinda fuzzy so I like to think it's made for winter. I forgot I had it and found it at my parents house this weekend.

Todd and I decided to go up to Huntsville last minute after I got off work last Saturday. We haven't been up in a couple months and needed to grab some wedding presents and just enjoy the time up there before it gets snowy. Sunday was a perfect crisp fall day and we had a little bike ride to go along with it. 

Happy Monday to you all.

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