macarons a la pistache.

First off, our honeymoon was so delicious. We ate the best food. Serious. The only souvenir we came back with was a pillow for our bed. The rest of our money was spent on chocolate croissants, boxes and boxes of macarons,  baguettes, fancy cheeses, orangina, gelato, steak and french fries, coca cola lights, nutella crepes, more baguettes, eclairs, and fruit tarts. If we didn't walk everywhere we went, we would have both weighed 400 pounds coming home.

LaDuree's macarons were my absolute favorite. Crowded and pushy but so melt in your mouth worth it. 

We spent eight Parisian days in the city of love. 

Instead of staying in a hotel, we rented a little apartment in the 6th arrondissement. It was perfect for us! It had a cute little kitchen with a fridge so we could go to the grocery store and have food at home. It even had air conditioning which was suuuuch a luxury when it was hot and humid outside. Our apartment was on Rue Mazarine. We got lucky with such a great street in a great neighborhood. The Louve was right across the Seine from us! And every night, outside our building, the streets would come alive with bistros and creperies and men playing the horn. It was "unbeLOUVEable". As Todd would say.

We went to museums, palaces, gardens, monuements, towers, and parks. Everything was just beautiful. 

Todd's favorite museum was the Rodin. He loved the house/palace/mansion it was in and it's gardens. He also found his twin in 40 years. Hilarious.

My favorite museum was the Louve. I have been once before when I was in middle school but had much more of an appreciation for it now. My favorite painting is The Coronation of Napoleon. I know it sounds weird but it really is. It is the biggest painting ever and I think that his wife, Josephine, looks stunning.

My favorite night there was when Todd told me he had a surprise for me. Now, Todd never surprises me. It's just not our style. And frankly, I don't love surprises, but this was different. 

After dinner one night he told me that he needed to stop by our apartment to get something and then we should go on a walk to the Seine. We got to a bridge that we had walked over earlier that day and we stopped to look over the edge. There were locks on both sides of the bridge that people had locked on there as a symbol of their love. Todd asked me what the locks were and I started to explain the story of why people put them on. Then he opened his hand and said "...a lock like this one?" What a sneak! It was such a cute surprise. Love him:)

Paris is such a gorgeous city and we cannot wait to go back someday. 


Collin and Traci said...

Sooo fun! I love this and I'm gad you had such a fabulous time! I'm so happy you're married! We need to plan another get together.

miss aubrey said...

Beautiful and yummy tribute to the honeymoon!

laurel said...

Ahhh that lock story is the cutest thing I've ever heard!! Love you guys!

Caitilin said...

Hi i just came from Meems blog. Just womdering where you got that cute stripe skirt...and the ones for your wedding? I need! :)