halloween 2014.

I love love love Halloween. I love thinking of costume ideas! Todd makes me keep a list on my phone for whenever I have a costume idea because I randomly think of ideas and then always forget. This year we decided to go as Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell! SBTB is one of my all time favorite shows. I used to watch it after school with my older sisters and I had the biggest crush on Zach. And who didn't secretly want to be Kelly Kapowski?? Did you know all of the seasons of SBTB are on Netflix? Love it.

We went to four different Goodwill stores to find Todd's clothes. I think we scored some good ones. Just look at those denims!

I made my "The Max" t-shirt with puffy paint and bought my wig on Amazon. I kind of loved wearing that wig all night. It made me wish that I had super long hair!

Sundance was a hot dog this year! He actually kept the costume on for a couple of hours! I eventually took it off of him because he was trying to sleep and I could tell it was bugging him. He's the best.

We handed out candy for the first part of the night and then headed to a friend's house for their Halloween party! It was so fun to see all of our friends and be outside in the 85 degree weather! Love this time of year.

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