the haps.

I cannot believe Halloween is tomorrow and the first day of November is on Friday. Where have these past months gone?? Time flies, I'll tell ya.

A couple weekends ago, we drove up to Scottsdale to walk around the Arizona Taco Festival. Sounds delicious right? Well, it def was. I want to make it a yearly tradition! So many yummy tacos.

Todd's birthday was last week! The big 2-8! We celebrated the whole day- starting out with going to see a movie at iPic Theaters. Imagine the nicest, most posh movie theater, add a personal waiter who brings you popcorn and drinks in a glass, and a full recliner seat with a blanket and pillow. I mean really? What sounds better than that? It was amazing. It will be hard to go see a movie at a regular theater now!

We've been doing a little Halloween decorating. We turned our front door into a silly mummy! I love seeing it from the street. We dressed up our dogsitting dogs in little costumes for our church neighborhood party! Abby was an Ewok and Crew was Batdog. They left the costumes on for a total of .8 seconds before shaking them off. Haha! But at least we got a picture! They are cuties.

Two big things- Todd started his new job and we got a new car for him to drive. A Prius! Todd's dream car for reals. Don't make fun. We will be paying less in gas than you.

Are you guys getting sick of me talking about the weather here? It's just so beautiful. Every. Day. What have I been doing my whole life never living here??

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Samantha Truman said...

WOW! That is the best movie theater! We totally need to come visit and go to a movie!