a casablanca party.

It's been busy around here lately! Two weeks ago was my dad's 55th surprise party in SLC, Utah! My mom, sisters, and I have been planning this since February. We had Mara, the event planner that did my wedding, help us pull it off and it was such a success!! My dad was SO surprised! He had no idea and was just so happy to see all of his family and close friends. 

One of my dad's favorite movies is Casablanca. We decided to have that be the overall theme of the party. The party was held at the Hotel Monaco in one of their ballrooms. There was a band, an open bar (unlimited diet cokes?? yes. please.), and the most perfectly decorated cake. 

It was so fun to stand with my sisters (we really missed our little brother who is on his mission!) at the entrance and greet my dad's closest friends and family. To see my dad's surprised face when he walked in was priceless. He is the greatest dad and he really deserved this night to celebrate. 

Todd and I stayed at the Hotel Monaco for the two nights when we were there. It was the greatest mini vaca! The Hotel Monaco provides a complimentary goldfish companion for your stay upon request. We obviously requested one and we named him Phillipe. He was a great little guy.

 I loved being able to enjoy a little fall weather that weekend. Bundled up and walked the streets of SLC with a hot coco.

We made a quick stop at my parents house before heading up to the airport. The fall trees were unreal! And we went through my dad's hedge maze in our front yard. 

Perfect little weekend! Love you Dad!

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