the haps.

It's been buuuusy around here! Summer is always super busy. I think it's because there are just too many fun things to do outside! I love being busy, so no complaining here!

We've had a few beach days in the past couple weeks. It's so fun having so many (lake) beaches so close! They are packed to the brim with beach goers on the weekend. One Saturday, I met up with one of my girlfriends, Hattie, and we soaked up the sun for hours.

I love when my dad is in town for business. He never tells us until he is actually here, so we were pleasantly surprised when he told us to meet him for dinner! We hung out after in his suite at the Drake Hotel. Such a gorgeous hotel.

The West Loop has the best restaurants in the entire city. We tried to go to Publican Quality Meats, but they were having a private party. So we went to a 'go to' of ours, Little Goat, just down the street. It never disappoints. 
{oh and, my husband is so handome}

Twinkies are back. Enough said. Don't judge me for buying them. 

This was taken during a Sunday walk to one of our favorite parks in our neighborhood. And we are kind of matching...oops. I am sorry to say that this happens more often than not. 

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danielle said...

Loving all your outfit choices! You're darling!!