a wedding in tiburon.

Have you ever been to Tiburon, CA? It is across the bay from San Francisco and one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Very fancy. One of my dearest highschool friends was married there this weekend. Todd and I were able to fly down for the weekend to attend and it was all so wonderful!! Seeing some of my best girls made me the happiest and I was so glad to have Todd there with me. We were even able to get in some Danville activities since we stayed there for the weekend.

- The rehearsal dinner was so very lovely. At the top of a restaurant in Tiburon overlooking the bay and the city across the bay. The food was delish and the company even better! - 

- The ceremony was at the most beautiful little white church on top of the hills in Tiburon. It was so quaint and picturesque. Sarah looked absolutely stunning. -

- We made our way to the Corinthian Yacht club for the recepetion. Most beautiful reception venue I've ever been to. Right on the bay and another amazing view overlooking the city. There was even a chef making fresh crab cakes for appetizers. I was in heaven. We took a million pictures, teared up during the toasts, and wore out our dancing shoes. Sarah and Mike were glowing and just looked so happy. I love marriage! - 

- Todd and I had lunch with some besties of mine at one of Danville's best eateries: Dominico's Delicatessen. Mouth watering sandwiches. One morning we took a jog/walk to my old house I grew up in (my parents moved to Utah after I went to college). We ran into my neighbor's cute doggie and he tackled Todd to the ground. Such a cutie. -

A perfect wedding weekend!

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