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Today is the 88th anniversary of The Great Gatsby publication. Ever since my freshman year of high school when my whole grade was assigned to read this book, I have been captivated by it. I love the complicated relationships, the parties, the language, the era. I had a Gatsby themed birthday party when I turned 18. Everyone had to dress in 20's clothes, there were twinkle lights, and flap dancing music.

I read the book every couple of years and it never gets old. I was really excited when I heard they were making a movie! Less excited when I heard Tobey Maguire was playing Nick, and more excited when I heard Leo was playing Jay. When I saw the preview I could tell that they are going to do a great job of showing how c.r.a.z.y all the characters are. Because they are. And that's why I like it. They are real people who have problems. It's a classic 'the grass is always greener on the other side' story.

For my birthday two years ago, Todd bought me the first hard copy of the 2nd publication of the book. So thoughtful. I keep it by my bedside as one of my favorite possessions. Love that guy of mine.

Happy 88th anni to The Great Gatsby and the genuis of an author that F. Scott Fitzgerald is. 

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