jim gaffigan.

Todd and I bought Jim Gaffigan tickets last fall for us and for his parents. That was their Christmas present. The show was last Saturday and we loved having them in town for the weekend! Even though it felt like December outside... 

The weather didn't stop us from getting outside and touring around. We walked around the Chicago Tribune Building to find the stone from the Salt Lake City LDS temple! We finally found it after walking around the entire building. We also found a stone from Abe Lincoln's tomb and many others!

The sun came out on Saturday just in time for our architecture boat tour. It was my second time on the tour but I loved it just as much as the first time. I love going past our apartment building during the tour!

{our apartment building is the one in the middle^^^}

Jim Gaffigan was hiiiilarious. My mouth hurt from laughing for an hour straight. He made fun of soooo many food establishments! So great. If you haven't ever heard him, watch his sketch, "Mr. Universe" on instant Netflix. 

I always love when my in laws are in town. They are the greatest! Miss them already!

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Marisa said...

I utterly LOVE Jim Gaffigan. So jealous! And you guys and your adorable life in Chicago are so fun to read about and see pictures of. I'm so glad you still blog, really (I don't say that about everyone...). I also love how you and your MIL are tiny, especially compared to your giant husbands.