stake conference weekend.

There was a lot of church this weekend and it was just what I needed. Our church ward had stake conference this weekend. Saturday night was the adult session where our local church leaders talked to us and this morning was the general broadcast from Salt Lake City.

In the adult session, a handful of members from our stake gave their own testimonies of their conversions to our church. It was beautiful, inspiring, and humbling. I love hearing conversion stories because they go back to the simple reasons of why I am member of this church. It helps me to remember that I am a daughter of God. I do have a purpose here on this earth. I am here for a reason. My Father in Heaven knows me, loves me, and cares about me. Those simple truths are what help me everyday of my life. I am so grateful for those blessings.

After the adult session last night, we went with our friends to Five Guys for a late dinner. Pretty great weekend:)

{don't mind todd's head in the middle}

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