mity nice.

Chicago has the beeeeest restaurants. It almost has too many good ones. We try to eat in most nights (i make a weekly menu so that we stick to it) but we love going out on the weekends to try new restaurants and go back to ones we've fallen in love with. One of our favorites is called Mity Nice. Pronounced "mighty nice". It is just good ol' comfort food. Everything on the menu is just incredible. I always get the mac and cheese with chicken. It's just sooo creamy. Yum. 

We met some of our friends there last night for some good chatter and laughs. Our waiter ended up being so entertaining. He first bet us $100 that there were in fact 7 great lakes. We kept telling him there were only 5. We were obviously right. Then he proceeded to take out pictures, that he keeps in his pocket, of his two little doggies to show them off to us. Luckily, our whole table is obsessed with dogs so we loved it and thought it was crazy all at the same time. Then he gave us a free dessert. It was a great night. Love these people.

If you're ever in Chicago- please eat here.

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miss aubrey said...

So fun!! And having a great waiter can seriously change the whole night! I want to hear more about how you do a weekly menu because I am SO bad at meal planning.