I have run across some fun new apps for iPhone lately and I thought I should share the love.

  • Cue (free)

It's like a daily planner/reminder/schedule all in one. It links your calender, contacts, email, facebook, weather, and a bunch of others so that all your to do's for that day are all in one place. It helps me to be more organized if I can see everything I need to do in one place. 

  • VSCO cam ($. 99)

This is one of my favorite picture editing apps. It has great filters and I find myself editing all my pictures with just this app. 

  • Day One ($4.99)

Does anyone else have the hardest time keeping a personal journal? Pretty sure I have about 100 unfinished journals laying around. This app is more expensive, but really worth it if you want to start journaling for yourself. It lets you add pictures to your entries and keeps them all organized with tags. I love just writing a quick entry right before I fall asleep.

  • OpenTable (free)

A lot of restaurants here in Chicago require to have a reservation. This app makes is super easy to make a free reservation and even modify or cancel it without having to call the restaurant. 

  • the new Google Maps (free)

So much better than Apple's version of maps. I use the public transit option every day. Enough said. 

  • Vine (free)

Twitter's new social media app. It is basically an instagram for videos. 6 seconds only. It's new so there are still some bugs to figure out (you can't make your profile private yet) but I like it so far! 

Check these apps out! They are some good ones. 

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