a long weekend in NYC.

Um remember how we had the best weekend ever? All thanks to my sister and her cute family. And to the great city of Manhattan.

From walks in Central Park to mini cupcake eating to broadway shows to hamburgers at shake shack, we did it all! Well, maybe not all, but we did a lot and it was perfect.

And did I mention that I have the cutest neices and nephews in the entire world?? We had so much fun with them. Even if they did wake us up at 6:30am every morning ;) worth it!! Especially this little dude. Just look at him.

There is no place like New York City. Not even the great city of Chicago (which I have completely fallen in love with). There is just something about driving across the bridge from the airport, and seeing that breathtaking city skyline across the water. Even after a hurricane and a nor'easter storm, the city rises above it all.

We even squeezed in a triple date with one of my besties, Kim, and her boyfriend. I haven't seen her since my wedding so it was a much needed reunion. We ate BBQ for dinner and finished off the night with ice cream from Shake Shack and laughing non-stop.

Other fun things we did were: (don't mind if most of these have to do with food) Laduree french macarons, Bleeker Street Pizza, Strand bookstore, Murray's Cheese, Evita (with RICKY MARTIN!), Purl Soho, and yummy sour cream pancakes at Bubby's. Oh and lots of diet cokes and late night chatting with Laurel and Brad. 

best. weekend. ever. 


Kim Blatter said...

Love love love love love! This is adorable. Pleaseeee move here already! P.S. Doug cannot stop talking about "the meat" from Hill Country. Remember how much he got and ate? SO funny. Miss you already!!!!

Samantha Truman said...

Oh it looks like so much fun! That's all Ben and I do... Eat!! Miss you guys!

laurel said...

Love this post! Makes me want you to come right back and do it again!