printer's row.

I have mentioned in previous posts that Chicago is made up of a loooot of different neighborhoods. I kind of love it. We live in the neigborhood called Printer's Row. I might be bias, but I think Printer's Row is super cute and a little less hectic because it's a few streets south of the financial buzz of the city.

Printer's Row got it's name from the early 1900s when most of the buildings in this area were publishing and printing factories. These buildings have now been turned into loft apartments but you can still see their history from their old brick exterior and original company names.

There are a few old book stores in our hood as well to keep the publishing history alive. Todd and I always want to go through them, but they close early so we always miss the opportunity. One day we will get it right.

Loving Chicago and our great neighborhood. 

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Samantha Truman said...

Looks like a cute place!! Can't wait to visit!