the 13th.

I didn't take any pictures the day of our anniversary. 
Maybe it's because it was raining the entire day.
Maybe it's because we were enjoying ourselves in the city too much to think about snapping a pic.
Maybe it's because we were eating cheesecake and watching charade.
Whatever the reason, I am not mad about it. 
I will have the memories in my brain and that is good enough for me.

p.s. todd was offered a job and signed the papers today! looks like we are going to be chicagoans for a long while!! come visit us??


Miss Mary said...

Congrats on your one year! And congrats on staying in Chicago! I hope you love it. I grew up there and it is so fun to go back and visit every year. Such a wonderful, beautiful city! So excited for you guys! :)

Marisa said...

I seriously JUST watched Charade like 2 weeks ago! We're on the same wavelength. :) Also, August is totally the best time to get married and 13 is my lucky number. Happy day to you guys and enjoy Chicago!!