our last meal.

During dinner tonight T and I talked about what we would want our last meal on earth to be. Ya know, if we ever have to fly to the moon for a while or something. I am pretty sure we would both puke after we ate everything in our meals but it was still fun to think about.

T's last meal

-Houston's/Bandera spinach artichoke dip and chips (unlimited)
-Cheesecake Factory brown bread (unlimited)
-a salad of romaine lettuce, heavy on the croutons, with a honey mustard dressing
-an array of fine cheeses and crackers

Main course:
-10 oz filet mignon, oscar style
-side of creamed corn
-side of asparagus (drizzled with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper, cooked in oven)

-diet coke, light ice, in a big frosty glass mug

-a bowl of rocky road icecream with a big stack of warm chocolate chip cookies

Rachel's last meal

-Roy's lobster potstickers
-Carrabba's bread and olive oil (unlimited)
-a really cold ceasar salad, heavy on the lettuce and parmesan cheese shavings

Main course:
-crispy chicken strips
-thick cut french fries (unlimited)

-diet coke, extra ice
-oreo milkshake

-chocolate chip cookie pizookie with vanilla ice cream

Doesn't that all sound delicious?? Yum Yum!

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