the lovely humidity.

My hair is discovering the crazy world that is humidity. We are working on it together but it is no cake walk. When I straighten my hair, it goes curly. When I leave it wet and curly, it goes 100000x more curly. We've had a hard time trying to figure out the best way it should be styled, my hair and I. We do lots of braids and lots of pony tails. 

I did some research last night and I found some great no frizz/anti-humidity products. They were all about $20-$40. And lets face it, that's not really in my price range right now. So I went to Target today and found this. 

It was $2.76. Perfect! Suave products are super cheap and they never disappoint. Have you ever tried their dry shampoo? It works wonders. 

I put it on today after my hair looked like this...

Don't judge.

It got rid of all my frizzies and helped them stay in place all day while walking around outside. Product success! Take that humidity. 


miss aubrey said...

ooooh I love a new product!! $2.76 sounds like my price range too:)

Randi said...

I need this. The humidity= braid/ponytail x 3 months which gets SO OLD