the haps.

Some happenings lately:
  • went to St. George for a cousins wedding. so gorgeous and so fun to be with family!
  • this unseasonably warm weather is such a great going away present to us and our last spring in utah.
  • saltines and ginger ale is becoming a frequent meal this semester- hopefully the last time being sick in a long while.
  • my birthday month is just around the corner. convenient that my birthday is the 27th so I get the whole month to party. 
  • bath and body works has some amazing smelling candles right now- try the "coconut leaves".
  • getting kind of sad that happy endings and modern family are about to have their season finales- but that means we are that much closer for so you think you can dance to start!!
  • lemonade popsicles are my dessert of choice at the moment.
  • my oldest sista's birthday is tomorrow and she doesn't look a day over 22- seriously. she is hot.
  • all 6 seasons of saved by the bell are on instant netflix. remember when kelly dumps zach for that college guy, jeff?? drama!
  • looking forward to listening to our prophet and church leaders this weekend for general conference!


laurel said...

Oh Jeff! The worst! My heart feels sad just thinking about it! :)

Katherine Fajen said...

Just bought the coconut leaves candle yesterday!!