price and a slice.

The brother drove down to our parts of town on Friday for a hangout sleepover! T and I have wanted him to stay at our apartment for a while so we were really excited! We bundled up and walked to Slab Pizza for dinner and gave him a little taste of college life. It was so crowded but the pizza is so delicious. It was definitely worth it. We walked home and I immediately started to make some brownie cookies (recipe to come). While I baked, the boys played video games.

Price kept telling us that we should start watching this show, Downton Abbey, on netflix. My whole family raves about it so we decided to watch the first episode. SO GOOD. We then watched two more episodes. If you haven't seen this show, it is a MUST. Go watch it. Now. 

What a fun night with the brother. We love Price!

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