the haps.

Some happenings this week:
  • A Cinnamon Burst loaf from Great Harvest is sooo dangerous. I ate it for breakfast everyday this week. (pictured below)
  • Vacuuming while watching When Harry Met Sally. I know every word even when I can't hear what they are saying. Best movie. 
  • I am offcially obsessed with Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. They smell divine. 
  • The Bachelor is lacking this season (anyone else?). I cannot even handle Ben F. He is such a bore.
  • Watching the first part of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon every night with Todd is a highlight of the day. Everyone needs a good laugh before bed.
  • Purchased a hot pink iPhone cover. It was in need of a bright makeover. 
  • Watching the boy I nanny and other 3 year olds in Tae Kwon Do is so hilariously cute.  
  • Made pork chops this week and the red cooking wine would not stop splattering out of the pan. Messy, but delicious.
  • Learned about birth control in my Roman History class: woman would wear a red string around their left pinky to prevent from getting pregnant. Probably not the most effective...
Have a great three day weekend!

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Marci LeBaron Watson said...

I concur about Ben F. This season is not cutting it for me. I keep hoping it will get better. Lets hope next season will make a comeback. :) I love your blog, by the way!